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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 11, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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girlfriend tells you she likes, you put it here. >> steve: i don't have a girlfriend. i have a wife. >> then your wife says she wants something, you better put it in there. >> gretchen: this is all by creative memories. find out more about it in the after the show show. she's going to stick around. >> brian: eric cantor tomorrow. bill: good morning, everybody. this is live look at centre college, danville, kentucky. good morning, everybody, that's where we start. martha is out today. i'm bill hemmer. welcome here. >> i'm alisyn camerota in for martha
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bill: we have new fox following polling numbers leaning toward the republican ticket. president obama at 51, joe biden at 44%. whatever the numbers, paul ryan says he is ready to go later tonight. >> what i'm excited about is we get to offer the american people a very clear choice. joe biden has been on the stage before. he has been on the big stages. it is my first time. what he can't run from president obama's indefensible record. they're offering more of the same. i'm excited because we have a chance to offer the country very clear choice. let's get some ice cream. bill: bret baier, anchor of "special report", co-host of tonight's debate coverage live. morning to you in danville. i didn't think paul ryan ate ice cream but that is beside the point. who has the highest hurdle
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to clear tonight, biden or ryan? >> it might be yogurt. we're not sure. good morning. it might be joe biden. it might be because democrats really have expectation that joe biden will go on the offensive to make up what they see perhaps as a lackluster performance by president obama in the first debate. they look back to 2008 and number of columnists pointing out that joe biden had really spectacular, in their mind, performance against sarah palin. they thought he was quote, limber at the lecturn. and that was one of his best performance in his four decade career. so they see him as accomplished debater and expect to take the oaf fins sieve charge they see on the campaign stump in this debate. perhaps the expectations are there. there is also the expectation that paul ryan can turn his wonkiness, his mastery of numbers into something like mitt romney
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in the first debate to empathy and personalize it. bill: everybody is on record what they expect. you talk about the expectations. everybody lowballs the stuff including to the president to a degree. here is what he said on abc with diane sawyer. >> i think joe needs to be joe. congressman ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his ideas are the wrong ones. bill: hang onto that word ideas because it will come up a lot tonight. we have not seen joe biden in six days. >> yeah. six days off the campaign trail because he is studying. he is cramming. he is doing debate prep. that is quite something. you know, in the wake of the president's debate, first debate with mitt romney, there has been this back and forth. we've heard just bits and pieces of this debate performance between joe biden and his debate
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sparring partner which is congressman chris van hollen from maryland, who is by the way the ranking member of the house budget committee and knows paul ryan very well. but he has been doing a lot of practicing. so that will be interesting to see how that is all gone. bill: in a 27-year age difference. that is entire generation between the two. i have can not wait, bret. thank you. we'll look for you later today, okay? >> you got it. bill: bret baier live in danville, kentucky. alisyn: limber at the lecturn i like that phrase. i will try to use that. back in 2008, nearly 70 million people watched the vice-presidential debate between then senator joe biden and then governor sarah palin. making it the most watched in american history. we'll see if tonight's showdown breaks a record. bill: all of america was watching. be here on the fox news channel. bret, megyn, and the election time will have pre and post game analysis starting at 8:55 p.m.
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eastern time. o'reilly wraps at 8:55. they get off to bret and megyn in danville, kentucky. alisyn: my dvr is set. republican nominee mitt romney crisscrossing the all-important battleground state of ohio making the argument why he should be in the oval office come january. >> the president seems to be changing america in many ways we don't recognize. making us more and more like europe. i don't want to become europe. europe doesn't work there. i want america to become more like america. i want to restore the principles that made us the nation we are. alisyn: meanwhile president obama spoke to abc news about what has widely been called a disappointing debate performance. >> i do think one lesson learned is just to make sure that people understand how much is at stake and how deeply i care about it. i played a lot of sports when i was a kid and still do. if you have a bad game you
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just move on. you look forward to the next one. it makes you that much more determined. the difference between this and sports is, that the stakes are so high. alisyn: and president obama will get the chance to turn things around when he takes on governor romney again at tuesday night's town hall debate in hempstead, new york. there are new questions today about what the obama administration knew about the terror attack in benghazi compared to what it then told the american people. state department officials grilled by lawmakers on the response to the deadly attack on september 11th that claimed the lives of four americans. ambassador chris stevens, two navy seals there to protect him and a state department staffer. catherine herridge is live in washington. catherine, tell us more what he learned yesterday. >> reporter: thank you, allison and good morning. lawmakers are questioning whether the president's political agenda drove to security situation on the ground that led to the death of four americans.
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i would note the seals were not there to protect the ambassador. they were there to on a separate mission. as fox reported there was no demonstration at the consulate in benghazi fanned youtube video was not the reason for. that point was made abundantly clear at hearing. >> there were no protest. state department and others have that video. speaking of video, the one in california made by an individual out there for a period of time also clearly had no direct effect on this attack. >> when i was in libya, a good part of the day, never once did a person ever mention a video. never. >> reporter: these these newt documents at hearing and four hours of testimony showed a pattern of significant threats at benghazi. lawmakers were told that the mission in libya didn't meet
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specific security standards and postings for high-risk of terrorism and civil unrest. >> did the buildings in benghazi meet the so-called inman standards? after the bombings in beirut, we went back as a government formalized minimum standards. did they or did they not meet those minimum standards. >> neither the buildings in benghazi nor the buildings in tripoli met those standards, nor was there a plan for the next phase of construction what was called the interrim embassy would they meet the standards either. >> reporter: two points were striking in the hearing. there was a real undercurrent of sadness from the witnesses many of whom knew those who were killed in benghazi. and the second there was so many warnings that they felt that an attack on the u.s. consulate by terrorists seemed a foregone conclusion. allison. alisyn: that's right. given all the new information that came to light at the hearings what is the fallout now for the state department? >> reporter: one theme really dominated at the hearing. initial washington was so
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preoccupied reducing number of american personnel at the consulate and replacing with libyan guards even after a series of attacks on diplomats. for diplomats and security personnel on the ground a terrorist strike on the consulate seemed inevitable given escalating violence especially violence targeting western sites even in benghazi. requests for more security were ultimately rejected and lost in the bureaucratic nightmare of political washington. >> it is not the hardships. not the gunfire. it's not the threats. it is dealing and fighting against the people, programs and personnel who are supposed to be supporting me and i added it by saying for me, the taliban is on the inside of the building. >> reporter: but yesterday ambassador kennedy, the most senior state department official to testify before the house government oversight committee responded. >> i am extremely, extraordinarily proud of the diplomatic security service. these are individuals i worked with for almost 40 years.
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they are the best of the best. they're extraordinary professionals and i would simply surprised to hear language like that used. >> reporter: what the hearing accomplished yesterday was to put into the public record that the administration's claim that it was an at dark somehow spun out of a demonstration about a video was clearly false and the facts on the ground show that, allison. alisyn: absolutely. catherine herridge thanks so much for the update. >> reporter: you're welcome. bill: weekly jobless numbers just in now. jobless claims dropping last week to 339,000. that is down 30,000 from the week before. but once again there are questions inside the numbers. stuart varney is looking at that host of "varney & company". what are the questions now, stuart. >> looks like a great headline, down 30,000 in one week. here's the problem, bill, this is not a complete report. dow jones reports that one large state simply did not report new people filing unemployment claims. it is a large state, unnamed but a large state. so missing from this report
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is all the people in that state who filed first time jobless claims. it means it is an incomplete report and therefore, gives you an inaccurate picture of the overall labor market. you have to ask the question, why is a report knowingly incomplete put out with such rosy results 3 1/2 weeks before the election? why are they doing that? bill: are you saying the state is not reporting. >> one state did not report. bill: which state? >> we don't know. we simply do not know. bill: is that normal? >> no, it is not normal. there should be asterisk, or something a big blob on this report saying it is not complete. bill: you're saying you have not seen this before? >> i can't remember it, no. bill: is there any indication we are moving forward relating to gdp that is moving so slowly. >> we haven't got the latest gdp numbers but the trend we have is weakening economy. 4% growth, 2% growth.
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now 1.9% that is --. bill: see you at 9:30, stuart. what is next? alisyn: we are just getting started, bill. benghazi was there a cover-up on in the highest levels of the government and was it more about politics. bill: the search for a missing 10-year-old girl. police are giving an update and we're live on the scene with that. alisyn: rescuers are combing through rubble looking for a missing construction worker after a five-story parking garage collapses. >> people yelling. people screaming. it was just real horrible. >> i just seen a lot of smoke. the building shaking and, it just started collapsing.
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alisyn: we have a fox news alert for you now. a yemeni security official at the u.s. embassy was assassinated in a drive-by shooting. witnesses reporting a masked gunman on a motorcycle shot the man outside of his home in the capital of sanaa. local authorities say the killing bears hallmarks of
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al qaeda. there have been a wave of assassinating government officials in yemen following a crackdown on security. bill: over who knew what and when in the benghazi matter after failing to set a straight answer from a state department official. one republican congressman during this hearing asking the top security official in libya at the time, this very pointed question. >> given the information that you saw on tv, and your knowledge of the situation in libya, did you come to a conclusion as to whether this was a terrorist act or whether it was based on some film that was on the internet, loot colonel wood? >> it instantly recognizeable to me as a terrorist attack. >> instantly recognizeable? >> yes, sir. >> and why is that? >> mainly because of my prior knowledge there, i almost expected the attack to come. bill: based on that answer, rather foreshadowing. kt mcfarland worked in both
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the reagan and nixon administrations. she is our national security analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: in all this testimony there is a lot to keep track of here. whether it is the politics or whether it is the timeline. >> right. bill: zero in on this for us. what is the critical question that needs to be answered now? >> who lied and why did they lie? there were a number of lies. first they said it wasn't a terrorist attack. it was a terrorist attack. well, it was a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand. it wasn't spontaneous, it wasn't a demonstration. then they said, well, al qaeda's finished. they have been saying al qaeda is finished. it is clear al qaeda is not finished. then they said security was adequate. security was not adequate. why did four americans die if security was adequate. there were a number of lies. whose idea was it, who made up the lies and why did they do it. bill: those are all legitimate questions. were any of those questions answered in yesterday's hearing? >> no. you have the security people on the ground, who knew the situation on the ground who
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said we asked for additional security. in fact not only did we not get additional security, but security that was there was reduced. so who's fault was that and whose idea was to deny the requests and overrule the requests? we didn't get any answer. bill: who is going to answer those questions? >> depends on what happens with the hearings now. are there going to be more hearings? one thing i've seen i was in government when there were cover-ups and when there were lies said what happens next. people come out of the woodwork. career bureaucrats will not be blamed for this. they will start talking and, anonymously probably at first, and then on the record. bill: where do they work? who are those people? are they the state department or where? >> they will be in a number of places. in the state department, called the dss, diplomatic security service. they will not take the rap. they wanted additional security. there will be people net intelligence community who were not saying al qaeda was finished. they were saying al qaeda was alive and well. there may be even people at the white house said, you he
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no, we're not sure why these decisions were made by higher-ups. i can tell you one thing, the decision of an american ambassador that is the president's personal representative to that country he reports directly to the secretary of state. the decision to deny his request --. bill: does that mean hillary clinton has to go under oath. >> i think hillary clinton should go under oath. bill: before this committee? >> this committee or a new select committee should go forward. bill: would she be willing to do that or fight that? >> i have no idea that is for her to answer. but there are an awful lot of unanswered questions at the highest levels. when you, everybody knew it was a terrorist attack, right? everyone's gut reaction. bill: but you had the president mentioning video or film eight days later. >> eight days later. a u.n. ambassador who has no responsibility for embassies, intelligence, security at embassies, she was saying spontaneous, a demonstration that got out of hand. where did they come up with these things when everybody's country gut
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reaction was gee, it is september 11th. it is terror. bill: this is october 10 on the calendar. >> a month later. bill: 26 days away from an election. how many of these questions will be answered in that time, any? >> i that you don't know but i do think there will be a huge paper trail of these things. the government doesn't do anything one-on-one. they do it of course, everybody get as blind carbon copy or everybody get as carbon copy of tease e-mails. i think you will see more and more people come forward. because look, americans die. why did they die? was it a political decision? was it just criminal negligence? i don't think this is something that fell between the cracks, gee they weren't weren't focusing on security on a most dangerous part of the world on a date on an anniversary that everyone in the world knows about. bill: thank you, kt. a lot out there still. alisyn. alisyn: a body has been found miles from where little jessica ridgeway disappeared.
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police wrapped up a news conference. we'll have new information for you as jessica's pains of course hope for the best. >> well, what to do, you know. i just want to find my daughter. i just want her back home. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes,
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bill: 24 minutes past the hour now. the accused fort hood shooter appealing a court order to shave his beard. major nidal hasan accused of murdering 13 at a texas army post in 2009. his defense attorneys claim the order violates his religious rights because of his muslim faith. for closure rates hitting five-year low last month. the second straight month of
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declines. kellogg's recalling millions of boxes of material warning they are cone tam nated by millions of metal mesh. frosted mini wheats. frosted mini wheats bite-sized. enjoy your breakfast. alisyn: we have a fox news alert from colorado where police just wrapped up a news conference on jessica ridgeway who disappeared walking to school last friday. police found a body in a denver suburb but they're not saying the remains are related to ridgeway's disappearance. dan springer is in colorado. dan, what did we learn at this news conference? >> reporter: well, alisyn, in a word, nothing. we know police found a body last night at 7:30, 11 miles away from where jessica disappeared or where she was last seen on her house on friday. other than that nothing was reported at the news conference. it lasted less than a minute. police took no questions. we do have live aerials of
9:26 am
the area where the body was found. there is still an active search in the area. police are not saying who found the body but interest has been a massive law enforcement search of 1000 people when she went missing on friday. jessica was seen by her mother leaving for school about a mile away. she never made it to school or nearby park where she normally meets up with friends and walks the rest of the way to school. this is a very beautiful, vivacious, beautiful little girl, outgoing. there has been a massive search for her ever since she went missing on friday. alisyn? alisyn: dan, maybe you can confirm, police are saying that the parents are not suspects. are there any leads? >> reporter: that's right. we can confirm that and the police had a news conference yesterday in the afternoon several hours before the body was discovered and they cleared the parents essentially. they said they are not suspects and that they are believing that this was an abduction. now far as leads, we can say
9:27 am
jessica's backpack was found and a water bottle found in a neighborhood on a sidewalk six miles away from her house. the cops are also looking at possible link to an abduction in cody, wyoming, several hundred miles away. that happened on monday. a 11-year-old girl was lure understood a man's suv. he asked for help from the girl and the girl's friend, to find his dog. they're also might be connection to a guy who was in the area last month trying to lure kids into his car by offering them candy. cops have a lot of different leads they're looking into. they still don't know if the body is jessica's or not telling us. alisyn: so scary. let's hope parents get some resolution. dan, thank you so much. bill: 27 minutes past the hour. what to do in a presidential race that is this close, you win a debate. in 12 hours countless millions will watch the undercard. biden and ryan on stage and what each man has to do tonight.
9:28 am
we'll tell you. alisyn: is there a cover-up in libya? the white house is under fire facing many questions. we debate the effect this will have on the presidential race. fair and balanced debate just ahead. >> when i was in libya a good part of the day never once did a person ever mention a video, never. and i am fascinated to know and understand from the president of the united states, from the secretary of state, and from the ambassador to the united nations how they can justify that this video caused this attack. it was a terrorist attack. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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that's right for you. bill: 9:30 in new york. take a live look at the big stage in danville, kentucky. a lot is riding on tonight's vice-presidential debate with polling numbers showing the race for the white house still neck-and-neck. tonight's faceoff could have an impact we rarely see from a vp debate. senior national correspondent traveling with the romney team in the state of ohio, southwest of dayton. what are the romney camp's expectations there, john? good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, bill. the romney campaign expectations that joe biden will try to stir up the base. instructions to paul ryan faithfully stick to the governor's policies and don't let governor biden get away with any mischaracterizations of that policy. governor romney doing debate prep next tuesday, expecting
9:33 am
a new obama will come out, one much stronger than interest was during the last debate and governor romney's task will be to bring things back to the issues every time he attacks. a new issue popped up in the campaign trail in iowa when governor romney told "the des moines register" editorial board he would not pursue legislation to further restrict abortion. yesterday on the campaign trail in ohio he clarified that a bit. here he is. >> i think i said time and again i'm a pro-life candidate. i will be a pro-life president. the actions i will take immediately are to remove funding for planned parenthood. it will not be part of my budget. and also i've indicated i will reverse the mexico city position of the president. i will reinstate the mexico cocity policy. >> reporter: obama campaign jumped all over that and telling women, they're even up both candidates with women voters telling women not to trust mitt romney telling what he said on the campaign trail he wouldn't move -- >> time and again the
9:34 am
president told us he would take on some of these things but hasn't. then he turns around and tries to blame others. congress won't get together. congress won't get together unless there is strong leader that puts them together. bill: john, thank you. want to drill down on the billboard and show you a little bit of the strategy mitt romney put in place over the last week alone. specifically in places like ohio, virginia and florida. he is going to some of these counties where the president won big over senator mccain four years ago. specifically i want to take to you summit county here. this is northeastern ohio. heavily democratic four years ago. 59-41% in summit county president obama beat senator mccain. we saw mitt romney there just the other day with chris christie, the governor from new jersey. down here in virginia, also, 13 electoral votes, highly important for both men this year. southeastern virginia, four years ago, the president did very well, especially up here in places like, newport news city, 64-36% over john
9:35 am
mccain. governor romney felt it was important to be there also over the past several days to make sure that he can, maybe dig into some of the voters that the president had four years ago. down in florida, such a huge pot of gold in this election yet again with 29 electoral votes. the other day we saw governor romney in pinellas county, that is the western side of tampa, north of st. pete here, a 54-46 winner four years ago. mitt romney was campaigning there in two other counties in florida where president obama did very well four years ago. trying to pick into some of that vote and pick off some of those voters that is coming up in 26 days. later tonight this is what you need to keep an eye on. 8:55 p.m. eastern time in prime time, bret and megyn are live in danville, kentucky. when the veeps go at it don't be anywhere else but the fox news channel. we'll see you then. alisyn? alisyn: bill, there are new questions today whether the fallout from the attack in benghazi could be a
9:36 am
difference in the presidential election. according to new fox polls, voters are listing. 2/3 of voters find it troubling that the white house initially made false statements about the attack. just 26% say it is not much of a concern for them. let's debate this doug schoen, former pollster for president clinton. monica crowley, radio talk show host. both are fox news contributors. good morning to you. let me show the poll one more time. 67% say it is troubling the first initial erroneous reports came out of the administration. 26% say not much of a concern. doug, is this an issue in the presidential election? >> absolutely it is a issue. when something is troubling it is not full voting issue. but the bottom line as we go into the vice-presidential debate and two presidential debates coming in the next two weeks, this is a huge concern for the obama white house, make no mistake and they're going to try to keep a troubling concern, troubling not totally political. not have it dominate the election.
9:37 am
alisyn, most of all, not have it take over the final days of the campaign in a way that could be calamitous for the election. alisyn: monica, do you agree with doug, when people go into the voting booth, are they thinking about benghazi or thinking about their jobs and their gas tanks? >> obviously jobs and the economy are the most immediate and urgent issues facing most americans. however, a lot of undecideds out there, ali, sittings own the fence, disappointed obama voters. those who couldn't make up their minds and who weren't quite ready to toss obama out yet. this lydia -- libya cover-up and lies and deceit we're hearing about now and being exposed and i'm sure there are more truths to come. it could be a tippingpoint for the voters. they could say i'm just not comfortable for this administration economically and now we're getting this. this is huge scandal. there are four debt americans including the u.s.
9:38 am
ambassador, the representative of the president of the united states. i think doug is right. it is not yet the defining issue yet. it could serve a a major tippingpoint for people to say, you know what? it is okay for me to vote for mitt romney. okay for me to go to the other guy. alisyn: doug, let me look at the next question people were asked on this subject. asked motivation behind the initial misleading or erroneous reports. the largest percentage of respondents, 37%, they believe it was to help the president's campaign. 26% thought they made the reports for diplomatic reasons. 23% thought the errors were just a mistake. so 14% are unsure. people's opinions are sort of all over the map. >> that's exactly the point. if you're in the white house now as i was in the clinton administration you want to keep it exactly that way. you want to keep people confused. the top answer it was done for politics. but there's 2/3 of the electorate said it was some
9:39 am
other reason. the president just wantsts to get through the next 25 or 26 days without opinion hardening in the way monica was describing. and bottom line, alisyn, that's his challenge, to avoid opinion hardening. leadership is becoming a criteria that's moving in the direction of mitt romney. the president wants to avoid this scandal, moving that even further. alisyn: monica, speaking of leadership are we focused on the wrong thing here? are we focused too much on muddled message whatever was behind that and not on the fact we were ill-prepared at our consulate and what are we going to do now there was a terrorist attack on our consulate? >> right, exactly so and i think most of the american voters are focused on that part of the equation rather than sort of the inside of the beltway maneuvering going on in this administration. look, president obama clearly can not run on the economy so he is trying to run on national security issues by claiming we have al qaeda back on its heels. we now know that is not true.
9:40 am
so now he is really in a box because i think a lot of people suspect, that all of these lies and the deceit and the cover-up that is now emerging has been essentially political because this is the only thing that he can run on. look, it's always the cover-up and never the original crime that gets these politicians into trouble. when i worked with president nixon in the early 1990s and the whitewater scandal was blowing up i remember president nixon said to me why did i go to the damn fire if nobody will ever learn from watergate and my mistakes. they never learn, alisyn. it is the same pattern over and over again. this has the potential to be fatal to barack obama's re-election effort. alisyn: that's a great quote, monica. thanks so much sharing that with us working with president nixon. >> thank you. bill: the mother of one of the victims murdered in libya now speaking out for the first time saying she just wants the truth and so far she hasn't gotten it. new york congressman peter
9:41 am
king live on that and also the timeline on this so-called film. alisyn: this is football game. people behind this augustly scene, well, they should have known better. >> oh, no! [shouting] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners' discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kinom. more discounts than we knoweth what to do with. now, that's progressive.
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alisyn: we have some breaking news for you because police are confirming a third person has now died in a deadly parking garage collapse yesterday. rescue crews in florida have been sifting through rubble. two other workers died when the roof gave way, causing five floors to collapse in on each other. this happened on the campus of a mime area community college. rescuers saved the life of one worker who survived under the rubble for 13 hours. seven other workers why hospitalized. no students were in the area. bill: what a story that is. alisyn: horrible. bill: so the mother of murdered state department staffer sean smith now is saying she is tired of being lied to by the administration. sean smith was one of the four killed during the
9:45 am
terror attack in libya. pat smith said the following quoting, they haven't told me anything. they're still studying it. the things they are telling me are outright lies. that is susan rice. she talked to me personally. she said this is the way it was. because of this film that came out. she said a lot more too. new york republican peter king, chairman of house homeland security committee. welcome back to "america's newsroom". >> thank you, bill, very much. bill: what do you say to that mother? >> the administration should realize what happens when you lie to the american people. there are real consequences to real people. they should teller what they said before they realized was wrong and teller the absolute truth and tell the american people as well. bill: there is no doubt in your mind they lied? that's what they said. >> at very least they distorted truth for their own political purposes yeah. as far as the mother is concerned she considers it a lie. her son was killed. she was given information that they had to know was wrong. bill: this is timeline
9:46 am
you're about to watch here, various members the administration talking about terrorist attacks and various films t runs 15 to 17 days in september. just roll this and watch it. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video. >> this is under investigation. the unrest around the region has been in response to this video. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission in benghazi was planned or imminent. >> there was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo as a consequence of the video. >> it is, i think self-evident what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> we don't know yet and so we're going to continue to investigate this. >> what happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> was a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage through the muslim
9:47 am
world. >> it was a terrorist attack. bill: back and forth it goes. they're all over the map. the question is why? >> bill, all i can think of is try to put the best light on it is they pick and choose the intelligence they wanted. the intelligence that fitted into their narrative which one, there was no mistake made about the security at the consulate. they didn't want it coming out the security was inadequate. and secondly the president has been saying all along that al qaeda is decimated. now we can focus our attention away from the mid-east to the pacific. this would totally undermined his position if in fact it was an al qaeda attack which it was. for susan rice, someone like susan rice, five days after the attack to go on television, still telling the same line, i can understand from the first day or two they didn't have all the facts but at no time did they have enough intelligence to say it was not a terrorist at act. the at very least they should have known early on, it very likely was a terrorist attack. could have been other causes or primarily terrorists. after a while it was clearly
9:48 am
terrorists. bill: do our viewers a favor and me a favor as well. you watched the hearing yesterday. >> right. bill: i don't know where it moved the ball. i don't know what's coming next. what is the critical question that has to be answered now? >> to me the critical question is, who came up with this line for the administration that susan rice and jay carney followed? when they were given intelligence from the director of national intelligence, plus from the state department itself. susan rice says she is basing it on the intelligence she got. she got it from general clapper. should be general clapper who is the director of national intelligence on television. in fact she reports the state department. the state department employees themselves said there was no demonstration at the consulate. bill: in that case you need to talk to susan rice or hillary clinton or both. >> absolutely. bill: will that happen? >> i don't know before the election. it is going to happen. i know chairman issa said he does want to have susan rice in under oath. i'm sure he will try to expedite whether it will happen or not. it should happen. bill: do you think, 26 days
9:49 am
to go before the official day on the 6th of november. do you think it is important to do this before america decides its next president. >> i think it is. we're not talking about a mistake. it appears a contrived cover-up by the administration trying to hide reality of what happened and doing that american lives that were lost and we saw with sean smith's mother this has human consequences. this isn't a political fight over how big the deficit is or anything like that. we're talking about american blood and guts right here. bill: peter king, thank you for your time. >> thank you, bill. bill: we'll await those answers whenever they come. alisyn. alisyn: new fox poll shows a big swing by independent voters. so who now are they leaning towards? the showdown vice president biden going head-to-head with paul ryan. will this change the race yet again? supporters of both campaigns are here to debate it. [ male announcer ] this is the land of giants.
9:50 am
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guts. glory. ram.
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9:53 am
bill: we are now getting an up-close look at u.s. efforts to protect one of the word's busiest oil routes. this is rare footage of the uss eisenhower patrolling the strait of hormuz. iran threatened to close the strait as tensions rise over its nuclear program. the straight flows from iran to oman. it is entrance of to the persian gulf. a fifth of the world's oil passes through the strait of hormuz. alisyn: we're less than four weeks from election day and it could be harder for millions of people to vote this year when they show up at the polls. senior correspondent eric shawn is live in new york city. eric, what does that mean? >> reporter: alisyn, millions of voters may get a
9:54 am
surprise when they show up to vote on election day. they will be told they are inactive. under federal law officials only place people on inactive voter list if they have not voted in two consecutive federal elections and failed to return postcards, verifying their address. there are nearly 21 million inactive voters across the country. california has the most with almost six million. texas nearly two million. florida, new york, illinois also top a million. critics say the list could create unnecessary roadblock to voting. >> what we've seen in the last two years, especially, is a proliferation of efforts by a select number of states to make voting more difficult for voters. and this could be startling, to many. >> reporter: inactive voters can still vote only after confirming their information and some states that have photo i.d., it that means they will have to show it. alisyn: what do supporters of this say? >> reporter: they say inactive voters list
9:55 am
protects credibility of voting. that is why the law was passed. he told us inactive voter lists there ensure louisiana voters roles are accurate. >> secretary of state, don't go in and i think i will take this lady off or this gentleman off maybe because of not party affiliation the way i want to vote. that is ridiculous. it is set up in federal law. it is set up in state law. secretaries of states are doing their job by doing this. >> reporter: his office even posted names of inactive voters online so they could check. of course if you suspect election problems where you live, there's our address, voter alisyn: we know you always get a lot of mail. >> reporter: we're slammed. alisyn: you really are. thanks so much. bill: it will be your only chance to see the vice-presidentialal nominees go at later tonight. 9:00 eastern, paul ryan, joe biden, unplugged, off the prompter. megyn kelly with a preview at the debate site. pointing the finger of
9:56 am
attacks in libya. congressman trey gowdy wants answers and he doesn't think he is getting answer. he is here live to explain. >> i would like to have another hearing where we could ask ambassador rice underoath who told you what when? you will blame the intelligence committee? is come before this committee and you tell us who told you it was a video. who in the intelligence community said it. who in the diplomatic community blamed this on a video? or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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60 days of identity theft protection risk-free. 60 days risk-free. use promo code: be secure order now and get this document shredder, a $29 value free. [♪...] call or go online now. [♪...] bill: good morning. we will start with fox news alert. we are eleven hours away from the first and only vice presidental debate, that is the stage in danville, kentucky. vice president joe biden in one corner and paul ryan in the other. polls continue show that the race could be closer. we are four weeks to go before the election. great to have you along here with us.
10:00 am
here i'm bill hemmer and good morning to you. alisyn: good morning to you, bill. i'm alisyn camerota in for martha today. joe biden is tasked with slowing the momentum. he faces an uphill battle himself. nearly half the country has an unfavorable view of the vice president, 47%, while only 38% feel the same about congressman ryan. and ryan has a 46% favorable rating to biden's 38 ryan. bill: we have megyn kelly. it's rocking tonight. there could be 78 million-plus watching this thing. give us a sense of how they prep for this match up tonight. >> they didn't leave anything on the table from the sound after
10:01 am
it i. paul ryan did at least nine mock debates, full 90-minute debates against ted olson who is playing joe biden in his debates. he spent three days in the mountains of virginia and elsewhere just doing prep. same with the vice president he was in delaware his home state prepping for debate. and we were told that representative chris vanholland played joe bide obama. bill: i have a note that says joe biden has not done a national interview since may. paul ryan has done 200-some interviews since he entered the race in august. you wonder what kind of an effect that could have. >> i don't know, bill, we do a lot of stories how a lot of folks in the mainstream media
10:02 am
tend to give the people a pass when it comes to the interviews. would they have been hard hitting, would it be the same at paul ryan going after boyd den tonight. joe biden has done over 18 debates, which he eventually lost to sara sarah palin. waoes had a lot of experience. i think the conventional wisdom on him he has to watch it. he can't do any gaffes. they give joe biden a pass sometimes when he goes off the rails because he has a good ability to speak directly to the american people. he's not too high brow, he's not too wonky. bill: the able difference will be a an astounding thing this watch. 38 years separate the stew
10:03 am
candidates. this format is different. they are sitting down. >> team obama want h wanted them to be standing. they wanted all the debates to have the candidates at top of the ticket or second in command to be sitting. i think they think it lead to better dialogue and they got wear that i tonight. weee see that as the two men spar. as for the age difference it is remarkable. they throw out stats in advance of this thing. vice president joe biden, then joe biden had graduated from college, finished law school, got even married at the moment paul ryan was being born. this is a remarkable difference between what the two men have experienced in their public lives. having said that paul ryan is a seven-term congressman out of wisconsin so he's been around the block when it comes to public life. bill: interesting stuff. we'll see you a little better
10:04 am
today. looking forward to the interview with governor palin. >> will that be interesting today? bill: i tell you we'll check you out at 1:00. check out megyn on "america live" at f tph-rpblg nc. alisyn: at the bee date tonight are a hundred students from kentucky. they won the tickets in a ticket lottery. they call this a lifetime experience. >> the whole country would like to be there and i get to be there. it's really special? it's one thing to study politics and government in the classroom and it's another thing to see it and have a front-row seat . >> keep it right here for the vice presidental debate tonight. this is the one and only chance for the running bates t mates to go toe-to-toe. we will have live analysis. it begins at 8 a 5 eastern.
10:05 am
bill: we had 10.5 million viewers alone on the cable side last week for the presidential debate. we want to hear from you too, viewers at home. can this debate still affect your vote."america's newsroom." log on right now and tell us what you think. you can see what others are saying as they vote throughout morning, we'll give you the results. alisyn: breaking news out of yemen this morning. a senior yemen knee senior official apparently has been the target of a deadly al-qaida attack. greg palkot is following this live. what more do we know about the attack? >> we spoke with a yemeni key official. the al-qaida chapter in yemen could be responsible for the drive-by style of shooting. the style of attack that they are using. it happened near the home of the victim. second, as a ye yemeni working
10:06 am
he could have been seen as a soft target a way to strike out at america. one of his jobs was to look into that violence from last month. there were questions about security at that u.s. embassy too. whether enough was provided by the united states or yemen. alisyn: what do we know about the broader picture of the level of violence in yemen right now. >> well the al-qaida chapter there is thought of as one of the most dangerous. known for the anwar al-awlaki. the fear is that a security vacuum could be left by the arab spring protest in yemen and the change of government. that would allow the militants to take charge. that is why the u.s. has been backing big time this year a yemen knee crackdown on the terror networks and the militants, a large number of drone strikes, intelligence
10:07 am
sharing and strange forces. that crackdown and the high public profile of the united states playing a role in that crackdown could have resulted in the killing. alisyn: greg palcot thank you so much for that update. phrap. bill: we have new information revealed in the solyndra canned skal, the solar panel company that declared bankruptcy two years after getting a government loan leaving taxpayers on the hook for more h-pb hal more than half a billion dollars. attorneys say avoiding taxes is at the heart of solyndra bankruptcy plan. >> they filed a document in federal court opposing a bankruptcy setting saying it would result in net operating officers that could be used to set offset income. they failed after getting that huge government loan and filed for bankruptcy last year.
10:08 am
the irs says the bankruptcy would result in the creation of a holding company with no employees and no business operations, but with up to $350 million in tax breaks that could be used by solyndra's investors. the irs says tax avoidance was the main purpose of this plan. one of the investors is hreupl linked to billion care george kaoeurzkaiser, a prominent democratic fund-raiser. they are pushing ahead with bound solar in colorado. it went out of business after getting a large loan guarantee from the defendant energy. the committee wants to know what the doe knew about problems with the solar panel making. in a letter to the energy secretary chew he says quote, two months before doe closed a
10:09 am
$420 million loan guarantee they were experiencing efficiency and technological tkao*eufts. they ar difficulties. bill: looking for answers again. steve centanni in washington on that. alisyn: who knew what and when members of the obama administration blaming the consulate attacks on a video. >> two representatives of this administration gave demonstrably fall false statements not just to us but to the american people on american pelvis. alisyn: did they knowingly lie or were they thrown under the bus. trey gowdy asks the questions he'll join us next.
10:10 am
bill: a woman caught in a burning car and rescued by neighbors. all caught on tape. alisyn: it's just hours before these guys go head to head. what kind of fireworks can we expect? campaign surrogates join us live ahead.
10:11 am
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10:13 am
bill: tensions mounting overseas after reports that a syrian passenger plane traveling out of russia was forced to land in turkey on suspicion of carrying weapons. that plane intercepted by turkish jets. there were reportedly ten containers on board containing receivers, anntennas. the plane was allowed to
10:14 am
continue on its way without the cargo. tensions are mounting on the border between those two countries. we will watch that. bill: alisyn: new information about how ten oo tenuous the situation was at the embassy in libya. they want to know who told susan rice to blame the attack on an anti-muslim video and whether that assertion was a reckless disregard for the truth or was it it intentionally misleading. >> i would like to have another hearing where we can ask ambassador rice under oath who told you what when. who told you it was a video. who in the diplomatic community blamed this on a video. alisyn: that was south carolina congressman trey gowdy and he joins us now live. good morning, congressman. >> good morning, how are you?
10:15 am
alisyn: i'm well. you were clearly fired up yesterday at the hearing. you wanted answers. did you get them? >> some, not enough. i think everyone is fired up. frankly on both sides. you have four dead americans who died under horrific circumstances of terror and fear and anarchy. if you can't get outraged about that you probably need to find another line of work. there are certain things that we confirmed yesterday that we suspected, which was number one, that there were multiple requests for additional security, which were denied. the other major take away from that standpoint its that there is no guarantee that other similarly situated embassies and cons let's are not also at risk. that was a shocking revelation to me that we would put any diplomats anywhere in the world in a position where they can't defend themselves. my focus as you noted when you played the clip is why were the american people misled or died
10:16 am
or deliberately deceived, whatever you want to say, it matters at some level whether it's tphepbl atlanta, week less or in tension tphal disregard for the truth. ambassador rice needs to come under oath and explain to us who gave you this faulty information that you then went on five different television shows and shared with the american people. i would love to have jay carney under oath as well but i don't think i will live long enough to see that. >> have you asked ambassador rice to come and testify? >> well, chairman issa obviously runs the committee. after he allowed me to ask my questions yesterday, if memory serves he said he was going to meet with mr. cummings whom i also respect. it may not be a public hearing. i would prefer a public hearing but i'm a freshman and i defer to chairman issa. i think i'm going to have an opportunity to ask ambassador rice. i would prefer it be public
10:17 am
because the people were also misled. it wasn't just congress. you can mislead me that's fine we are not very popular. it was the american people that were misled and i would like to have a public hearing on what information she relied on. remember she didn't say i'm speculating or this is my hunch, she used the phrase, in fact. that has meaning. carney used the phrase concrete evidence. i'm a former prosecutor. that means a lot to me when you throw those terms around. the reality is they didn't have fact or evidence. alisyn: you made the point yesterday that words matter in this case. congressman, are we getting too bogged down in the misleading message? should we be more focused on what went wrong on the consulate, why our security was so inadequate and what we are supposed to do about the fact that there was a terrorist attack on american property? >> that is a great question and there are 435 members of congress, so it's okay for us to dived up the work.
10:18 am
divide up the work. we ought to be asking how did it happen and make sure it doesn't happen again in kenya, libya or anyone else. jason chaffetz has done a phenomenal job on both of those. my focus is going to be on the aftermath, because if people in positions of power come to us and say everything is fine now we have to be able to rely on that information. when people in positions of responsibility and trust mislead us either recklessly, negligently or in tension tphal lee that impacts the republic. that impacts our ability to believe the next time there is an attack, or the next time there is an tape. you have to have confidence in what people in position of responsibility tell you and you can't trout out on national television and say, in fact this was spontaneous and not premeditated and not preplanned. what is saying, i don't know? what is wrong with saying, the investigation is still on
10:19 am
going? why do you have to guess and guess wrong? so i'm focused on whether or not we'll be able to believe -- i guess it was nic h-rbs e said i'm not mad that you lied to me, i'm mad at you because you didn't tell me. that's my focus. knee was hot yesterday. the outbreak of meningitis spreading. another state added to the list and the death toll continues to arise. we'll tell you what you need to know about the story today. alisyn: a nasty brawl ending a football game. look at this behavior. wait until you hear how this all started. >> everybody is yelling, they are kids, there are kids here. not in front of the kid. it went in one ear and out the other it seemed like. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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alisyn: brand-new fox polls to tell you b. they show some americans losing faith in the president's handling of the america. before the first debate voters were split over who they trusted more to improve the economy and create jobs. now that has changed. a clear majority, 51% favor governor romney over the president. on the issue of taxes, now half of americans believe taxes will go up this president obama is reelected while only 41% think the same will happen in governor romney wins. bill: now we are at 11 states affected by the meningitis outbreak. that is new today. 12 people now reported dead, more than a hundred others sick. that rare disease traced to a tainted shot. jonathan serrie is on the story in atlanta. we are getting word that another pharmacy is shutting down. >> reporter: that's right pweufplt another compounding pharmacy in westfield, massachusetts voluntarily agreeing to temporarily shut
10:24 am
down to allow state and federal officials to go in and srebt its operations. this is called ameradose. although it's a separate operation it's owned by the same individuals that own the new england compounding center the company that produced the medicine in the outbreak. they say this action was taken proactively and cooperate lee with the board of registration of pharmacy out of an abundance of caution to assure the safety of all ameradose products. they say there is no indication of any contamination in any meds produced by ameradose and no reason why doctors should stop using those meds with those cases. bill: we traced this back to a new england compounding center. could it face any state or federal penalties? >> you know it's interesting,
10:25 am
unlike drug manufacturers, which face stiff regulation by the fda it's very different for these compounding pharmacies, these are pharmacies that take in drugs from these outside manufacturers, and then either combine them or alter them in a way to distribute to patients who for some reason can't take the drugs in their original form. well, the fda has tried to regulate these compounding pharmacies, but in 2002 the supreme court overturned a law that would have given the tp-rbs da more oversight on the ground that restrictions the fda was trying to impose on advertising for compounded drugs was an unconstitutional limit to commercial speech. so most regulation is done at the state level. in massachusetts, for example, they do not allow these compounded drugs to be mass distributed. and so the governor of that state says what was going on at
10:26 am
new england compounding center may have violated state law. listen. >> what they were supposed to be doing is filling specific prescriptions for specific patients as i think any of us would understand a pharmacy to do. what they were doing instead is making big batches and selling them out of state as a manufacturer would, and that is certainly outside of their job. bill: regulators in massachusetts are now requiring all compounding pharmacy tph-s that state to provide sworn affidavits that they are following all regulations and not mass producing compounded medications. bill: more on the story as we get it. thank you, jonathan. jonathan serrie back on that story pwa in atlanta. alisyn: a major security breach at an american college. hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and staff put at risk. how did this happen? in. bill: also tonight is the night. this is your one and only chance to see the vice presidental
10:27 am
candidates make their case before election day. what can you expect? we will ask each campaign that question in moments. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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10:30 am
bill: 10:30 in new york by my watch. 10 hours from now they will be wrapping up on that stage in danville, kentucky. joe biden and paul ryan it will be their own debate.
10:31 am
we are joined now by the cochair of the obama campaign, former ohio governor ted strickland is live in danville. and republican senator and romney supporters pat toomey is there too. i'll start with governor strickland. thank you nor coming back to the fox news channel. it's been a child so we welcome you back to the fox newsroom. >> i'm happy to be here. bill: you bet. how much did debate number one set back your momentum. >> i don't know that it set back the momentum. this is a close race. we've always known that. we are sort of where we were before the conventions. things settled n. it's a polarized country and election threat. it will come down to the wire and i think we understood that from the beginning, even from months ago. bill: what will happen tonight? do you have a prediction for joe biden and paul ryan? >> i love joe biden he's a great guy, he's got a wonderful heart and he cares about people and i think he will do well. but both of these candidates are
10:32 am
going to be well prepared, there is no doubt about that, and i think america is going to see an interesting debate tonight, and i hope a lot of americans tune in despite of the fact that there is going to be a lot of baseball. >> you know they are going tow tune in. 70million four years ago for sarah palin and joe biden. what do you mean by interesting? define that. >> there's been a lot of controversy coming out of the first debate regarding whether or not governor romney was candid, told the truth, and stuck by his previous positions, and i think tonight we are going to hear a lot of debate about the paul ryan budget, a budget that governor romney has called a marvelous budget, but a budget that does terrible things for the working middle class, and so i think that is going to make this aness spellings le an especially interesting debate. bill: paul ryan will have a
10:33 am
chance to answer that. he's the leader of the house. do you suggest that mitt romney was lying in that first debate? >> you can use whatever words -- bill: i'm asking you if you would use it. >> he said things that weren't accurate and in my judgment were dishonest. for example the preexisting condition statement that he made to 70 million people was blatantly false. and it was his plan, i think he probably knew that when he made that false statement. bill: you would agree it's the duty of the president to rebut that. >> no. bill: and to do it based on the healthcare law that he pushed through. now you are president obama's number one surrogate in ohio and that's been the case ever since he wro*pb the whit won the white house four years ago. how concerned but in winning the
10:34 am
white house. >> it's the candidate's duty to tell the truth. the poll that came out today has obama 51, governor romney at 46. that is the nbc pool. it's going to be close in ohio. i mean, i would be foolish if i told you it was not going to be an incredibly close election, and that's why, you know, both teams, both candidates are working ohio. governor romney has been there frequently. the vice president has been there frequent leave. ohio i think can and will be perhaps the fire wall. but it's an exciting time. ohioans are engaged and involved but americans are. i'm really happy that there seems to be such wide-spread interest in this campaign. bill: would i agree with you, right on, and we should be too. the "real clear politics" average, when you put all the polls together in ohio has about a 1.5 point spread at the moment
10:35 am
between president obama and governor romney. thank you for your time. you come back any time, all right? >> i'll take a point and a half. thank you. >> thank you for your time. i'm going to bring in senator pat toomey out of pennsylvania. good morning to you too also there in danville. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think about what he laid out about that first debate with governor romney? >> i think it's unfortunate that they have to resort to suggesting that there was some kind of dishonesty. the fact is the president misspoke repeatedly. i'll give him the ben fifth the doubt and assume he made a mistake. sing, for instance that governor romney was advocating a $5 trillion tax cut, which is factually wrong, the obama campaign has acknowledged it was wrong, i think we ought to get back to the substance of what is actually the policy positions of these campaigns. that's what i think we'll see tonight, a very clear choice. bill: between what? >> between continuing the failed policies of the obama
10:36 am
administration that have given us a miserable economy, the worsthe worst recovery weave over oz . 23million americans that are unemployment or understand employment. gas prices that are higher. on every measure this has been a terrible performance versus governor romney and ryan were for posterity. opportunities, a revitalization of the free market situation. it's a very clear contrast. bill: i asked governor strickland how much debate number one set back their momentum. he kicked it to the side and i expected him to with regard to that. what do you think that first debate did in order to shape and define the race that leads us to tonight in danville. >> i think that that debate certainly energized the campaign and gave governor romney a great deal of momentum. i don't think there is any doubt about it. i think people saw that governor romney was very much in command
10:37 am
of the facts, more so than the president was. he made a very compelling argument for how he can get the economy moving again e. tkeufd it in a way that was very respectful for the office of the presidency without being inch dim natured by the man who holds the office e. dead it in way that a lot of americans had respect for. i think it was a terrific performance. the important thing was the underlying substance. governor romney has a view of posterity. bill: does line ryan sr-r have paul ryan have a challenge. >> it's a challenge. he has a blue print for strong economic growth and job creation. i'm sure that vice president biden will be on the attack mode tonight but i'm equally confident that ryan already can
10:38 am
defend that. bill: is it paul ryan's duty and job to defend what he has supported in the past. >> sure. bill: and is paul ryan vulnerable on some of these issues especially when it comes to senior stph-s. >> i really don't think he is. if you look at the substance of this. and that's what i hope we'll get into tonight, the president and the vice president have offered no plans to save these entitlement programs, instead a $716 million raid on medicare to fund their pet program of obamacare, no solutions to the long-term sustainability of these programs. and paul ryan has. so i think he's going to defend that very effective lie and the american people are going to be glad that there is somebody in washington who for once solved the problems we have. bill: your home state has 20 election control votes. i asked governor strickland, there are 18 electric troe 18 electoral vote.
10:39 am
>> i want a statewide race for federal office less than two years ago against a credible, well-founded aggressive opponent. we just reelected a republican governor, a republican state senate, house, a republican u.s. senator. we control 52 out of the 67 county governments. actually mitt romney can carry pennsylvania and i think he will. bill: thank you for your time. they are live in danville. alisyn: we want to hear from all of you, can the vice presidental doe bait till affect your vote?"america's newsroom," log on there, tell us what you think, and you can also see how other viewers are voting at the moment. so far most of you say no, it cannot affect your vote tonight, won't change a thing. 11% of you however say yes. so remember, keep it right here for the vice presidental debate tonight. we'll have live coverage and analysis before and after all beginning at 8:55pm paoerp eastern time. bill: tomorrow we get the best
10:40 am
shoeft day because w show of the day because we get to react. this will be in the bloodstream until the big guys go at it in debate number two. new poll numbers, a significant change in support for one of the candidates with a key voting block. we'll tell you what that is and why. alisyn: a woman trapped inside a burning car. that didn't stop a couple of strangers from risking their own lives to save hers. >> once i heard the screaming, that is one noise i never want to hear again is a lady screaming for her life in a burning car. your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
10:41 am
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10:43 am
bill: an incredible rescue from a burning car caught on tape. police in minnesota say the 25-year-old driver tried to p-s another vehiclpass another vehicle and hit another car head on. she was pinned behind the steering wheel. they used a crowbar and fire extinguisher to get her out of the flames. >> it burst all in flames. i was sitting there, i heard
10:44 am
screaming. there is obviously a lady in the car screaming for help. i got up to the car and at that point my neighbor a couple houses down he was actually there right with me. bill: man e oh, man her injuries not life threatening . the people in another car an elderly couple in critical condition, however. police are looking into the possibility of whether or not alcohol with us a factor. alisyn: back to the race for the white house now. a few fox poll shows that governor romney is leading president obama among a critical group of vote e the independents. they are siding with romney over obama, 44% now to 32%. romney gaining ground since last wednesday's debate, while the president dropped more than ten minutes. bob cusack is the managing editor of "the hill." great to sigh. the all important voting block that can tilt elections one way or another, it does seem they
10:45 am
were very swayed by the debate. when you see before the debate they supported obama 43%, now just 32%. are these choices now set or do these independents vacillate with each debate in. >> i think these independents are very wishee washer. a lot of pundits were saying there are no undecidedses, everyone is in their camp. this shows a 16-point swing here. that shows you how big the debate is. now tpher leaning towards romney. that's why the romney-ryan ticket has the momentum and it is anyone's race. in 2008 independents loved obama. in 2010 they rejected them. they are moving away from him after that bad debate performance last week. alisyn: before we move on to the other questions in the poll i want to show that mol one or time because there is something else very interesting in it. the lots one there, which is before the debate only 19% of people were insure of who they
10:46 am
would go for, these independents. after the debate 15% of them were unsure, why is there uncertainty growing after the debate? >> i think obama has a decent-sized lead an didn't do well eufp. i think a lot of people who said they were going to vote for obama are in the undecided campaign. i think that's where the election will be decided. mitt romney over the past couple of weeks has been softening his position in order to appeal to independentses. and that has democrats very nervous because it's working. alisyn: let's talk about favorability rating of president obama. look at this. bob, before the debate 51% favorable opinion of president obama. after the debate, now, 51%. why didn't that move the needle? >> yeah, that is a puzzling one to me just because it was on all
10:47 am
accounts it was a rough night for the president and he has admitted it. so but maybe it's not as disastrous as some fear. but it wasn't a good night for the president, and that's only one indicator of many that we've seen, and all the other kaeurts ar indicators are indicating that mitt romney is gaining, as the momentum. and the president has to come back with a strong performance. that's why this debate tonight is so important. it's so important that joe biden comes back and basically thwarts all the momentum that the romney-ryan ticket has. alisyn: can we define independent voters, are these people who one year might vote for a tkepl krarbgts the nex a democrat, the next year a republican, or are they just disgruntled with their party. >> i think a lot of these votes are fickle.
10:48 am
2008 huge for democrats. 2010 all the independents rejected president obama and democrats and the house went pep and senate republicans made serious gains. they are fickle, frustrated, angry. these are reagan democrats, they are look for someone to solve the economic woes. it's inch dumb he ban upon both candidates to make that case in the coming weeks. alisyn: it will be interesting to see what the polls show after the big debate tonight. bill: late last night hackers targeting college computers. hundreds of thousands of people affected, their personal information stolen. where this happened and what you need to know about it we'll tell knew a moment. alisyn: a gridiron battle that turns into an all out brawl between coaches. talk about unsportsmanlike behavior, bill. >> a lot of the kids i'm sure don't have all of their parents in their lives and they are looking at these copes to be
10:49 am
their role models annex am pels. [screaming] -- annex am pels. ande am pels.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
alisyn: check this out it's a high school football game that turns into an all-out brawl. look at this video from sacramento, california. rival coaches roughing it up on the field. one coach charging knocking down a team mom. even soft parents gotten solved in this. otherothers tried to break it up and tried to keep the students and players back from the ugly scene. both coaches have been disciplined. we are happy to say no one was seriously hurt. bill: that is a coach, someone you can be proud of. hackers breaking through a fire wall at a florida college stealing information of at least 300,000 students and employees.
10:53 am
you're talking about addresses, bank account numbers, social security numbers. phil keating on this live in south florida. 300,000 affected and possibly more to come? how many? >> this is by far, bill the tip of the iceberg. aside from the documented financial theft of already 67,000 college people, victims right now. these hackers very organized got the names, birthdays, social security numbers of hundreds of thousands of young people, primarily in ages between late teens to mid 20's. it really could be months or years from now before the threat and fraud actually happens to them. investigators say this was a very professional, coordinated hacking of the college's server and numerous files within, breached 76,000 north state florida college state records. 3,000 college employee records including the bank account of
10:54 am
the school's president. >> the more common mechanism is to go through a loan company and have a secure loan and have that payment come directly out of the bank account. these how i was hit. >> stolen from the president's bank account $600. the thieves basically opened up a new line of credit with all of his personal id information and started funding out his money. bill: so much time and effort to pull all that back. what about these hackers? where did they do this? >> reporter: well, right now all of the deeds ar leads are focusing in the southern, southeastern u.s. several states where computers have been traced, the computers that hacked into the college's main server. this is a major cybercrime investigation here in the state of florida.
10:55 am
and the experts say at some point in our lives, most likely, i.d. theft is going to happen to you, odds are. last year 12 million people were victims, that was up 13% from the year before and the cost primarily to financial institutions in the country $8.5 billion a year. but when it happens to you you may not necessarily lose forever the money dephraoetd out of your account. however when you have your id stolen and have to change all your bank accounts and all that information it could be a major headache for weeks and of course you have to restore your line of credit. bill: phil, thanks. more to come on that throughout the day. here is alisyn. alisyn: breaking developments in the search for a 10-year-old colorado girl who disappeared on her walk to school. the police holding a news conference this morning. we have new details on their investigation and the search for investigation and the search for jessica ridgeway.e time...
10:56 am
what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
10:57 am
10:58 am
>> bill you want to know the secret to winning a nobel prize?
10:59 am
eat chocolate a new study shows the higher the a country's chocolate consumption the more nobel laureates it produces. the leader of the pack? the swiss. but before you rush out and buy stock in hershey's you should know the head researcher calls the entire idea, absurd. that a quote. it is a lesson that science can be silly. bill: i agree. absolutely absurd. >> i would have a nobel this were true. bill: and you don't. here is our evidence. we've been asking you this morning at the vice-presidential debate last night affect your vote? most of you say no. tonight won't change a thing. only 9% say, yes it could. remember, keep voting at /americasnewsroom. keep it here late tonight after the debate. but at 8:55 p.m. eastern time. full analysis


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